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Buy The Wild Minivan Peugeot Brought To Touring Car Racing In The ’90s

One of the matters that sincerely annoys us here on the force is that no person ever built a real performance minivan. One hunkered down on its wheels, center of gravity reduced and power raised—a minivan that consists of the family, but is genuinely amusing to power.

So we tip our hats to Peugeot of Belgium, which took that idea more than one steps similarly and tried to make a genuine race automobile out of a 1995 Peugeot 806, and succeeded kind of.

The minivan raced within the 1995 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, starting mid-percent and passing automobiles left and right, giving those drivers complexes about being blown off through a minivan that possibly still continues them up at night time. The 280-horsepower engine turned into brief, and the parts-bin deliver from higher-performance Peugeots made the suspension and aerodynamics extra than competitive inside the Belgian touring automobile collection.

lamentably, the Peugeot pro automobile minivan suffered one mechanical failure after some other, starting with the brakes and ending with the engine. One account stated that the suspension, even, become getting “stroppy,” a phrase worth searching up.

With the aid of hour 10, the Spa-minivan—we hyphenated that because in any other case it begins out with junk mail-inivan—it became completed.

Or now not. Gipimotor, a delightfully-named provider in Brussels, Belgium, has obtained the amazing 806 and you could buy it for a few so-a long way undisclosed charge. It still capabilities a white livery full of colorful balloons, but unluckily, there’s no 0.33-row seating.

It became the infant of race motive force-car builder Pascal Witmeur, who said, “each time we surpassed through within the Raidillon, humans had been applauding. the general public favored it because, aside from being peculiar, it became regularly on two wheels.”

Did we mention that Witmeur turned into born on April Fools Day? because he became.