Tour de France 2020

Tour de France 2020 racing game

Tour de France 2020 is the latest part of the bicycle racing game series, recreating the famous annual race Tour de France, also known as around France.

Tour de France has a rather thrilling history when it was originally organized just to increase sales for a newspaper before other competitors. The surprise is that the tournament is becoming more and more popular and popular, to the point of expanding into a global scale. At first only the competition of the French, but gradually the appearance of riders from many different countries. This success has turned Tour de France into one of the world’s largest annual sporting events.

For many years now, the Tour de France series has continued to accompany the famous sports event. This year unfortunately is the pandemic Covid-19 raging everywhere, including the homeland of this tournament. According to the original plan, the 2020 season will take place by the end of June, but due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, it has been postponed to the end of August. This year, the first leg will start. from the Nice urban area located in the French coastal region.

Notably, this year’s journey is no different from a tour around France and continues to end at the Champs-Élysées avenue of Paris in accordance with the racing tradition. Most interestingly, this is the first year that PC players will experience the feeling of participating in the 21 Tour de France 2020 races as a team in Pro Team or “solo” mode in Pro Leader. However, console players will “start” earlier rather than simultaneously with the PC.

Compared to last year’s version, the Tour de France 2020 maintains what has made the series successful so far, with some small and interesting improvements. Despite the experience associated with cycling, the game has a very different gameplay than other racing names on the market. Of course, you will be more accessible if you have experience with the “good brother” Pro Cycling Manager 2020 or older versions of both series above.

One of the most interesting features visible at the beginning of the Tour de France 2020 experience is Time-Trial. In fact, the Tour de France series has never stopped “onions” players, but this new game mode even “tortures” you as enthusiastically as possible with extremely challenging levels. If you are a new player, you should “start” in Training and other game modes. Time-Trial requires players to “smoothly understand” the gameplay mechanics of Tour de France 2020 before accepting the challenge.

In Time-Trials, your goal is to defeat the opponent with the most “magic” tactics, combining physical control and position on the track to reach the finish in the shortest time before the opponent. Cycling is a very tactical sport, requiring a close combination of riders with a single goal: to bring glory to the team. That means no “solo performances”. You alone cannot make victory without the support of your teammates.
Remarkably, this year’s edition adds the first view, which helps to experience a more attractive end and gives a more pronounced speed feel. You can even spot some interesting details in this new perspective, such as the logo on a teammate’s bike tire that usually doesn’t exist in the default third view. The feeling of watching the track and the enthusiastic audience are also more “happy”, especially when players can feel their enthusiastic cheering every time they pedal close to the sides of the road.