BELGIAN GP F1 racing Spa Francorchamps

F1 Racing, Belgian GP: Spa – A Challenging Track For Tires

Having finished three consecutive races in the last three weeks, the teams have a break before returning to Belgian GP at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps racecourse this weekend.

This weekend, riders must complete 44 laps with a total journey of 308,052 km on the hilly track. Since its construction up to now, Spa-Francorchamps has always been known for its unpredictable weather.

The position of the track and the weather nature of Belgium can sometimes rain in one part of the track and dry in another, meaning that riders will face a challenge of traction with their tires. , when moving from sector to sector.

This season, Pirelli nominated compound C2 for Hard tires, C3 for Medium tires and C4 for Soft tires. This is understandable as most drivers chose Medium and Soft tires last year. Corners, typically the Eau Rouge, often put the tire under great force (both horizontally and vertically).

Not only that, even straight lines, up to 800 meters long like Kemmel Straight, can cool the tire, affecting the tire’s grip in the coming corners.

Belgian GP first appeared in 1925, since then the tournament has been held 75 times. In which the legendary Michael Schumacher is the most winning racer, with 6 wins.

Ferrari is a team that has won a total of 18 times with many different riders. Mercedes is the second richest racing team with 12 victories. The racers that are still competing are Kimi Raikkonen with 4 victories, right behind with 3 crowns at Belgian GP are Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes is showing its strength during the season. With Hamilton’s rising form, will he be able to win 5th this season, meaning his 4th win at Belgian GP?