F1 racing Italian GP 2020

Italian GP 2020 : Hamilton is still “diligently” winning the pole

Formula 1 season in 2020 has begun to go to the middle of the season, the 8th race takes place this weekend with the name Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’italia 2020 at the prestigious Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track. A long-established track on the outskirts of the city of Monza, north of the fashion capital of Milan, Italy.

In the previous race, the defending champion Lewis Hamilton had an unbeatable performance with the absolute pole, and then there was an absolute victory.

Meanwhile, on the race day of Italian GP 2020, the pair of Mercedes racers took advantage of the speed on the long line, taking turns breaking the fastest record in a lap at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza race. Lewis Hamilton is still the deepest record breaker, still the fastest, thereby continuing to win the Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’italia 2020 pole race.

  • Many riders have their results deleted on the first run

Back to the main events, at the start of the grading day, the weather was normal, no rain, the area temperature reached 28 degrees C, but due to the clear sky, the asphalt absorption temperature reached. 46 degrees Celsius, humidity 45%, wind speed 7.2 km / sec. Supplier Pirelli brings to the race 03 tires including C2 (hard tire with white border), C3 (medium tire with yellow border) and C4 tire (soft tire with red rim).

C4 tires are the main choice of most racers in the first round of the Q1 classification, only the Mercedes duo uses C3 tires.

Haas team’s Magnussen racer appeared first at the Q1 and was also the driver who set his first lap time at 1 minute 21 seconds 618 ‰. This result was just enough for the initial background and was immediately thrown over. In particular, some riders have their results deleted in this first turn due to the fault of the entire body outside the track, all at corner 11.

At the end of the first run, despite the use of C3 tires, Lewis Hamilton was still ahead with 1 minute 19 seconds 539 ‰, and his teammate was slightly slower to reach 1 minute 19 seconds 786 ‰.

When the remaining time of the Q1 qualifying round is only 2.5 minutes, all riders simultaneously compete to go to the track. The first pair of Mercedes racers on the wheel, both improving their own performance, but Hamilton is still faster.

Because we went to the track at the same time, in this run, there was traffic jam (entangled by many cars running close to each other at the same time on the track). This is also the factor that led most of the rest to fail to improve their own performance.

Lewis Hamilton became the fastest player in the Q1 qualifying round at 1 minute 19 seconds 539 ‰, his teammate was +0,272 seconds slower than the next. Due to the earlier approach to the track, Racing Point’s driver Perez has a better performance in the rest, +0.534 seconds slower, ranking third in the Q1 rankings.