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Amid rumors Nic Hulkenberg confirms to battle in F1

Nico Hulkenberg is ready to count on a seat in F1 next year. The driving force’s stunning day out at Nurburgring sparked an hobby amongst groups to have him below their umbrella.

Jolyon Palmer recently counseled that Haas ought to signal Nico and Perez as a package deal. however, is the German glad with Haas? Doesn’t appear like it.

Earlier than Nico Hulkenberg subbed for Lance stroll at the Eifel Grand Prix, he acquired a name from Dr. Helmut Marko. there has been uncertainty concerning Alex Albon’s COVID check, and Nico turned into referred to as up to race in his stead.

Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany

but, the Anglo-Thai racer cleared the check and became allowed to race. but, Alex Albon has been trudging through a season to forget this time around.

He needed to settle for but another DNF at Nurburgring, and since Mugello, he has impressed very little.

Daniel Cormier – out of the ordinary profession out of doors UFC
Nico Hulkenberg is prepared to count on a seat in F1 next 12 months.

Earlier than Nico Hulkenberg subbed for Lance walk on the Eifel Grand Prix, he acquired a name from Dr. Helmut Marko. there has been uncertainty regarding Alex Albon’s COVID take a look at, and Nico was referred to as up to race in his stead.

However, the Anglo-Thai racer cleared the check and become allowed to race. But, Alex Albon has been trudging via a season to neglect this time round.

He needed to accept but another DNF at Nurburgring, and because Mugello, he has impressed little or no.

Crimson Bull have sought a driving force who may want to mount a real challenge to their point guy, Max Verstappen. considering how the authority that he enjoys in his team might be hindering his capacity.

Opposition within his team may want to perhaps inspire him to attempt for better outcomes, or that’s what the pink Bull pros desire for. Nico Hulkenberg is accordingly a brilliant prospect for Red Bull.
His enthusiasm for the red Bull vehicle shows that he might also have taken into consideration his region at crimson Bull Racing.

“It is the maximum aggressive automobile, I wasn’t there all of the time this year, but I’ve been accessible, should have made a bit influence,” declared an optimistic Hulkenberg.

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What is a reverse-grid sprint race in F1?

The Italian Grand Prix in Monza did not a classic. The circuit is very power-sensitive, meaning Mercedes have been likely to run away with victory while the midfield sorted itself out with a sequence of slam-dunk overtakes thanks to DRS and the massive domestic straight. It would not even have the pleasure of Ferrari being waved on by using heaps of adoring domestic fans, because they would not be there and even if they have been the Prancing Horse would supply them little to cheer.

Only that final part became out to be true. Lewis Hamilton initially drove into the distance with ease however two protection motors and a penalty flipped his race and essentially the total grid upside down, allowing and secure the first victory for a group backyard the “Big Three” for seven years. The scenes of euphoria on the podium and in the AlphaTauri garage set off a collection of ideas culminating in “how can we make this occur extra often?”.
It is not a new concept. Formula One’s owners Liberty Media and Ross Brawn have long conceded that a collection the place only, realistically, 25 per cent of the grid have any threat at all of triumphing the race is no longer a sustainable one. The price range capping and new wearing and technical regulations are all designed to make, on any given Sunday, the race winnable for nearly anyone.

The cause this one had been thrown vast open used to be that the fastest automobile and quickest driver had been reshuffled to the back, as it would be in a reverse-grid race, an thinking that has been kicked around for various years, and usually kicked back out again.

How would a reverse-grid race work?
There is no recommendation that reverse-grid races would replace the Sunday showpiece of a Grand Prix weekend.

Instead, F1 favor to run a shorter, sprint race on Saturday to determine the grid for Sunday’s race, effectively replacing the contemporary hour-long qualifying session.

The order should both be primarily based off the World Drivers’ Championship standings or the results of the closing race.

In F2, the junior collection to F1, Sunday’s sprint race elements a pinnacle eight that is the reverse of Saturday’s characteristic race runners, i.e. eighth area in the characteristic race sits on pole in the shorter one the next day.

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Fernando Alonso returns to F1 race

After two seasons of absence, 38-year-old driver Fernando Alonso will return to F1 village with Renault from the 2021 season.

According to the BBC, Alonso will replace Daniel Ricciardo, as a teammate of Esteban Ocon next season. The contract between the two-time world champion driver and Renault is valid for two years, until the end of the 2022 season.

Alonso played in a Renault shirt for the period 2003-2006, twice world champions in 2005 and 2006. After joining McLaren in 2007, Alonso returned to Renault to play until 2009. At that time, the French team gradually fell. shot, causing Alonso to switch to Ferrari in the 2010. He played five seasons for Ferrari, three of which finished second, behind Sebastian Vettel. The Spanish racer returns to McLaren, sticking with the British racing team for the period 2015-2018. His top spot at this stage was 10th. During his two years away from F1, Alonso played several races such as the World Endurance Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans or Dakar Rally.

At this moment, Renault has no chance to compete for the F1 championship. The RS20 is underrated W11 (Mercedes), SF1000 (Ferrari), RB16 (Red Bull). Renault is also outperforming McLaren and Racing Point – the team changed its name to Aston Martin from next season. F1’s revolution will take place in 2022. At that time, Alonso will turn 40.

Renault’s vacant position was owned, making Vettel’s future even more blurred. The four-time world champions will leave Ferrari later this season. He also claims to only want to compete for top-tier racing teams, like Red Bull or Mercedes. The possible destination is Red Bull, but recently leader Christian Horner has ruled out this possibility.

This was not the first time Red Bull wanted to hire Alonso. Team leader Christian Horner repeatedly invited Spanish racers in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2018. After being rejected this year, Red Bull decided to send Alexander Albon to replace Gasly. Albon – Thai racer – will start paralleling Max Verstappen at the Belgian race.

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Italian GP 2020 : Hamilton is still “diligently” winning the pole

Formula 1 season in 2020 has begun to go to the middle of the season, the 8th race takes place this weekend with the name Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’italia 2020 at the prestigious Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track. A long-established track on the outskirts of the city of Monza, north of the fashion capital of Milan, Italy.

In the previous race, the defending champion Lewis Hamilton had an unbeatable performance with the absolute pole, and then there was an absolute victory.

Meanwhile, on the race day of Italian GP 2020, the pair of Mercedes racers took advantage of the speed on the long line, taking turns breaking the fastest record in a lap at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza race. Lewis Hamilton is still the deepest record breaker, still the fastest, thereby continuing to win the Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’italia 2020 pole race.

  • Many riders have their results deleted on the first run

Back to the main events, at the start of the grading day, the weather was normal, no rain, the area temperature reached 28 degrees C, but due to the clear sky, the asphalt absorption temperature reached. 46 degrees Celsius, humidity 45%, wind speed 7.2 km / sec. Supplier Pirelli brings to the race 03 tires including C2 (hard tire with white border), C3 (medium tire with yellow border) and C4 tire (soft tire with red rim).

C4 tires are the main choice of most racers in the first round of the Q1 classification, only the Mercedes duo uses C3 tires.

Haas team’s Magnussen racer appeared first at the Q1 and was also the driver who set his first lap time at 1 minute 21 seconds 618 ‰. This result was just enough for the initial background and was immediately thrown over. In particular, some riders have their results deleted in this first turn due to the fault of the entire body outside the track, all at corner 11.

At the end of the first run, despite the use of C3 tires, Lewis Hamilton was still ahead with 1 minute 19 seconds 539 ‰, and his teammate was slightly slower to reach 1 minute 19 seconds 786 ‰.

When the remaining time of the Q1 qualifying round is only 2.5 minutes, all riders simultaneously compete to go to the track. The first pair of Mercedes racers on the wheel, both improving their own performance, but Hamilton is still faster.

Because we went to the track at the same time, in this run, there was traffic jam (entangled by many cars running close to each other at the same time on the track). This is also the factor that led most of the rest to fail to improve their own performance.

Lewis Hamilton became the fastest player in the Q1 qualifying round at 1 minute 19 seconds 539 ‰, his teammate was +0,272 seconds slower than the next. Due to the earlier approach to the track, Racing Point’s driver Perez has a better performance in the rest, +0.534 seconds slower, ranking third in the Q1 rankings.

BELGIAN GP F1 racing Spa Francorchamps

F1 Racing, Belgian GP: Spa – A Challenging Track For Tires

Having finished three consecutive races in the last three weeks, the teams have a break before returning to Belgian GP at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps racecourse this weekend.

This weekend, riders must complete 44 laps with a total journey of 308,052 km on the hilly track. Since its construction up to now, Spa-Francorchamps has always been known for its unpredictable weather.

The position of the track and the weather nature of Belgium can sometimes rain in one part of the track and dry in another, meaning that riders will face a challenge of traction with their tires. , when moving from sector to sector.

This season, Pirelli nominated compound C2 for Hard tires, C3 for Medium tires and C4 for Soft tires. This is understandable as most drivers chose Medium and Soft tires last year. Corners, typically the Eau Rouge, often put the tire under great force (both horizontally and vertically).

Not only that, even straight lines, up to 800 meters long like Kemmel Straight, can cool the tire, affecting the tire’s grip in the coming corners.

Belgian GP first appeared in 1925, since then the tournament has been held 75 times. In which the legendary Michael Schumacher is the most winning racer, with 6 wins.

Ferrari is a team that has won a total of 18 times with many different riders. Mercedes is the second richest racing team with 12 victories. The racers that are still competing are Kimi Raikkonen with 4 victories, right behind with 3 crowns at Belgian GP are Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes is showing its strength during the season. With Hamilton’s rising form, will he be able to win 5th this season, meaning his 4th win at Belgian GP?

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Renault calls for Racing Point to be disqualified from races

Renault’s next circulate in method One’s copying controversy will name for opponents Racing factor to be disqualified from each race at which its automobile changed into protested.

An research into the design system of Racing point’s brake ducts turned into put in movement while Renault protested their legality on the Styrian Grand Prix, claiming they have been a copy of the layout from closing year’s Mercedes.

Renault has protested Racing factor at each race on the grounds that then, with a panel of FIA stewards in the end putting forward final weekend that the rear brake ducts have been in breach of F1’s sporting policies.

The choice, which dealt with all of the individual protests as one, saw Racing factor docked 15 points and fined €400,000, but also allowed the crew to maintain to use the brake ducts for the rest of the season with nothing greater than a reprimand at every race.

That verdict has been appealed by using each Racing point — on the idea that the crew has completed not anything wrong — and Ferrari and Renault, who are looking for clarity on the difficulty and calling for the punishment to move similarly.

leader amongst Renault’s court cases is that it noticed its automobiles disqualified from remaining yr’s japanese Grand Prix over a brake-bias machine that become observed to have broken the carrying policies. On the idea that it turned into disqualified in Japan and needed to cast off the machine from the automobile, Renault is calling for the identical penalty to be carried out to Racing point.

Racing point, which changed into specially vocal in defence of its vehicle’s legality closing week, said it intended to observe through with its attraction in opposition to the original first-class and misplaced points.

The team most important Otmar Szafnauer pointed out that stewards’ personal verdict had conceded that the policies across the exchange in repute of brake ducts from a non-indexed element, which can be bought from some other group, to a listed part, which need to be designed in-residence, changed into not clean.

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Tesla Model 3 race car breaks track record, sets eyes on Pikes Peak

Unplugged Performance constructed an electric race vehicle the use of a Tesla Model three Performance in just a week and the race automobile has already broken a music document.

Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance has numerous new overall performance enhancements for Model 3 and it blended them to create a whole race car bundle for Tesla’s electric powered sedan.

They built a brand new vehicle to strive to smash a few records, specifically at Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Unplugged managed to construct the vehicle in just a week despite some tremendous modifications, which include new wheels, tire, suspension, brakes and even aerodynamic physique mods.

As you can see in the pictures, they haven’t had the time to make the auto aesthetically alluring yet but it’s functional:
CEO Ben Schaffer told Electrek about the rapid timeline to build the car:

“Two weeks prior we announced entry into Pikes Peak International Hillclimb with legendary driver and Unplugged Performance guide Randy Pobst in the back of the wheel. At the time of announcement we did no longer yet even have a car…but we did have a plan! On Friday night, July 17th we picked up a company new Model 3 Performance from Tesla. On Monday July 20th we began installing our full Ascension-R bundle of bolt on road tune improvements to the clean car. The construct completed Friday night at 11pm and we drove it up to Buttonwillow on Autopilot. The car’s first charge took place at 2am at Buttonwillow the day of TeslaCorsa 9.”

As we previously reported, Tesla Corsa is a sequence of track day prepared via Unplugged for Tesla proprietors to experience the full performance of their automobiles in a protected environment.

The present day match at the Buttonwillow race song was once a amazing first day out for the Tesla Model three Ascension via Unplugged Performance.

They managed to managed to beat the Porsche 991 GT3 RS’s best Buttonwillow time on Fastest Laps with street tires via going for walks a 1:54.266:

Unplugged’s purpose is to supply a vehicle that can beat a 991 GT3 RS for 1/2 the price and with the performance that the Ascension bundle is getting now for just $35,000 over the rate of the Model 3, it looks like it’s certainly happening.

But the real test is going to be the Pikes Peak hill climb next month when Randy Pobst, a race automobile driver who helped Tesla tune the overall performance version of the Model 3, is going to try to destroy some documents with the car at the well-known proving grounds.

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World Racing: Make a history of efforts to end the season

MotoGP: 3 stages in Thailand, Malaysia and Argentina waiting for “verdict”

With the goal of organizing at least 13 races in the 2020 season and in case the worst case cannot leave Europe, MotoGP organizers have set up a new schedule for this year, including up to 5 racetrack. will organize 2 consecutive races in 2 weeks.

Jerez is the opening stage for the season with two stages respectively on July 19 and 26, then the Red Bull Ring (Austria), Misano (San Marino), Aragon and Valencia (Spain) respectively. The race track closes this season.
Between these 5 races are 3 other locations that have confirmed 1 race this year, namely Brno (Czech Republic), Catalunya (Spain) and Le Mans (France).

Accordingly, after 2 consecutive weeks at Jerez, the racing teams will have to prepare to face 3 tripleheaders (3 stages in 3 consecutive weeks) in August and October, but they will have a 2-week break between each of these tripleheaders. So out of the 13 confirmed races, up to 7 races are held in the “gaur country”, which is referred to as the “home town” of the tournament.

Besides, in addition to 9 officially canceled routes, the remaining 3 sections in Thailand, Malaysia and Argentina are still waiting for the final “ruling” in the near future. However, looking at the current schedule, it will not be easy to rearrange the order of the races if the three events above can be “green-lighted” to organize.

World SBK: There are 9 races in total

The WSBK 2020 completed an opening race in Phillip Island, Australia in early March before being postponed indefinitely. The tournament will be back in early August at Jerez (so this race will have 3 consecutive weeks of racing), along with 3 other races on Spanish soil.

Two of these will take place in Aragon in late August, early September and then Catalunya on September 19-20.

Algarve (Portugal), the race is being considered to organize an F1 race this year, with Magny-Cours (France) and Misano (Italy) will be the remaining names to be held in 2020.

Thus the season will have a total of 9 races, expected to end on November 7 to 8 in Misano so the racing schedule is not so dense as MotoGP. However, except Imola (Italy) and Oschersleben (Germany) that have been officially canceled, there are three other names: Donington Park (England), Assen (Netherlands) and Losail (Qatar) are waiting and hoping to be ranked. calendar.

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Area Stock Car Racing: McCoy, Horning, Gray score wins at Glen Ridge

In the Red Chair DIRTcar 602 sportsman function Scott McCoy took the victory over Andrew Buff, with Travis Green, Justin Buff and Tucker O’Connor finishing the pinnacle five.
In the confined sportsman feature Stephen Gray took the win beforehand of Garrett Poland, Tim Billington, Paul DeRuyler and Teddy Starr. Three vehicles had been disqualified after post-race technical inspection, which changed the authentic finishing order.

Adam Tranka scored in the avenue inventory feature. Following the leader throughout the line have been Damon Anderson, Kenny Allen, Jacob Zennaiter, and Chris Daughtery.

Beau Ballard (15) races with Andy Graves (96) during pro stock action Sunday at Glen Ridge Motorsports Park in Fultonville. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

Dale VanAllen gained the mini inventory single cam and Josh Kane gained the mini inventory dual cam. Slingshot motion noticed Conner Hill score the Northeast Paving & Seal Coating All-Star feature and Frank Twing Jr. used to be positive in the junior slingshot feature.

After being rained out on Wednesday Fonda Speedway held its huge modified Firecracker 50 for the Short Track Super Series on Sunday. Adam McAuliffe took the early lead, but it was once Stewart Friesen claiming the $10,000 grand prize at the end. Larry Wight finished 2d accompanied through Mike Maresca, Adam McAuliffe and Jessica Friesen.

In the 25-lap 602 sportsman function Chad Edwards claimed the win over Brian Calabrese, Matt Meade, Ricky Quick and Tim Hartman Jr.

Last Thursday, Devil’s Bowl Speedway held a midweek event to celebrate Independence Day. Bobby Hackel scored the win in the crate modifieds, with Demetrios Drellos ending second. Completing the pinnacle five were Tim LaDuc, John St. Germain and Jack Speshock.

Albany-Saratoga Speedway was rained out remaining Friday and a few groups decided to head south down I-88 to the Afton Motorsports Park. In the modifieds Jeremy Smith scored the win over Andy Bachetti. Craig Hanson of Johnstown finished 18th. Dave Rosa won the 602 sportsman feature over Bobby Flood and Brian Calabrese.

Danny Varin of Fonda loaded up closing Friday and hauled his wingless sprint auto to the Big Diamond Speedway in Pennsylvania to compete with the USAC East Coast sprints. Varin used to be worried in a mishap during his heat race, which caused him to have to start 19th in the feature. By lap six he had moved up into the top 10. Unfortunately, he caught the berm and took a wild trip out of the park. Naturally the automobile suffered damage, however Varin was OK.

Fonda ran its Fourth of July activities final Saturday and again it was once Stewart Friesen at the pinnacle of the modified field. Wight and Jessica Friesen did offer fans a suitable fighting for second. Wight would go on to win that battle. Hanson, who led the first half of the race, hung on for a true fourth-place end and 2019 modified song champion Rocky Warner was fifth.

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Solar car racing coming to the East Rand soon

For the first time in its 10-year history, the Sasol Solar Challenge (SSC) will not take region at its incumbent region Pretoria and will as a substitute come to the East Rand at Carnival City from February next year.

The project had to be rescheduled after being postponed due to the pandemic.

The SSC is a opposition which pits vehicles which are powered only through the sun. The SSC takes place each and every two years, bringing collectively university teams and even private engineers who have manufactured absolutely functional, roadworthy cars.

The event will also maintain its scrutineering week, the place rivals and their automobiles are tested for protection and performance, at the Red Star Raceway for the first time.

With this new event, the SSC has now visited eight out of nine South African provinces. The spectacle will supply a extremely good possibility for younger and historic alike to witness the brand new in photo voltaic racing technology, with groups from Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey and Saudi Arabia becoming a member of 6 tested South African teams.

It will also allow spectators from neighbouring areas to Carnival City to experience the points of interest of greater than a dozen world-class, reducing area photo voltaic motors departing on an 8-day endurance challenge.

The route from Johannesburg to Cape Town consists of a number of new towns, with the 350-strong convoy passing thru the Northern Cape for the first time in various years. New towns include Bothaville, Kimberley, Kirkwood and Riversdale, with the team that’s capable to clock the most distance passing the finish line in Stellenbosch on February 26.

“We’re delighted to be associated with the SSC, as aid efficiency and sustainability are emphasised in the whole lot we do at Carnival City.”

“SSC director, Robert Walker, added: “For our eleventh year, the Sasol Solar Challenge is anticipating to host the largest tournament to date. We have a dozen teams already confirmed, with plenty of time for extra teams to join, and we’re excited to deliver the first-rate of the first-rate worldwide teams to South African roads.”